We represent clients from all walks of life who are facing the possibility of extradition from the UK.

We have dealt with cases from numerous jurisdictions including; Rwanda, Moldova, the Russian Federation, US, France, Germany, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Belgium and many other countries in Europe operating the European Arrest Warrant.

We have also dealt with cases involving extradition to Dubai from various jurisdictions and maintain close connections with a legal team in the UAE.

Our team are often approached prior to a formal request even being made to the United Kingdom and or prior to execution of any international warrant. We provide expert and specialist advice at every stage and work closely with lawyers overseas to achieve the best results for our clients.

We have extensive experience of representing individuals facing extradition requests that have a political or economic motivation.

Whilst each individual case requires a specifically tailored and strategic approach our experience representing clients through bail proceedings, evidence gathering, final hearings and any necessary appeal work is extensive. Our work ethic, innovative approach and commitment to our clients’ needs has enabled us to achieve outstanding success for our clients. We are often able to prevent extradition in the first instance hearings at Magistrates Court level but also have a proven record of success on appeal to the High Court if that proves necessary.

We have developed a network of contacts and have sustained working relationships with immigration lawyers both here in the UK and abroad. Their assistance can be an important aspect of successfully resisting extradition. Over the years we have also developed, and we maintain, an internationally recognised body of expert witnesses with the appropriate skills and experience to assist as necessary.

If you need our assistance or want to know about this aspect of our work contact Frank Brazell (frankbrazell@sperrin.net).

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